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贅詞員(Ah counter)職務簡介與報告台詞

職務介紹辭範例 The Job's Script:

Toastmaster of the Evening, dear fellow members and the most welcome guests,
I am pleased to be the Ah-Counter of tonight's meeting.
My job is to help you cure your bad habit of making “vocalized pauses”, They are the sounds like “ah, ” “er, ” and “em” or the words like “well…, ” “and…, ” “but…,” “so…,” and “you know…”.
I will count the numbers of the “Ahs” from your talk during each session.
And also, I will give a report at the end of the Evaluation Session.
Let’s welcome back to the Toastmasters of the evening.

贅詞報告範例 Ah Counter Report:

General Evaluator, Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the Ah-Counter's report:
Speaker's Name had 1 “ahs”, 1 “em” and 3 ”you know, you know”.
Speaker's Name had 2 “ahs”, 2 pause of “well, well”.
Speaker’s Name , Speaker’s Name  and Speaker’s Name had no Ah Words. Let’s give them a big applause.
Let’s welcome back to the General Evaluator.