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2015-04-27 Special Joint Meeting For Div. B, I, L, District 67

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2014-12-22 Meeting #320 -台中新世紀雙語國際演講會 NCBTC

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20141228台中新世紀演講會聖誕特輯1  20141228台中新世紀演講會聖誕特輯2

20141228台中新世紀演講會聖誕特輯3  20141228台中新世紀演講會聖誕特輯4

20141228台中新世紀演講會聖誕特輯5  20141228台中新世紀演講會聖誕特輯6

In the end of the year and being the last meeting in 2014, tonight we held a special Christmas style meeting. With white, red, and green dressing code, everyone found happiness and joy in the warm atmosphere.  

Good bye 2014! 

Welcome 2015!

2014-12-08 Meeting #319 -台中新世紀雙語國際演講會 NCBTC

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20141208台中新世紀演講會合照1   20141208台中新世紀演講會合照2

20141208台中新世紀演講會合照3   20141208台中新世紀演講會合照4

20141208台中新世紀演講會合照5   20141208台中新世紀演講會合照6

Tonight our president Grace Hsu made her A23 speech:Special Occasion Speech #2 Speaking in Praise. Her speech panegyrized NCBTC's founder Diane Chen of her encouraging life story and positive thinking philosophy. 

What's more, our club member William Chiang made his C10 speech in inspiring us how to do gymnasium and eat healthy to strike a balance of our live.

2014-11-24 Special Meeting -台中新世紀雙語國際演講會 NCBTC

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 Barbara Khozam at 台中新世紀演講會toastmaster club  Kazuko Kawauchi at 台中新世紀演講會toastmaster club

Dr. Kao at 台中新世紀演講會toastmaster club  Grace Hsu at 台中新世紀演講會toastmaster club

 CSMU 中山醫大演講會&台中新世紀演講會toastmaster club pic1   CSMU 中山醫大演講會&台中新世紀演講會toastmaster club pic2

Tonight we had a special meeting with CSMU (Chung Shan Medical University) Toastmaster club. Since the annual National Fall Conference was just ended in Taichung on Sunday, we were glad to invite two special masters leading us two inspiring workshops about positive thinking and lifelong learning through Toastmaster program. 

2014-11-10 Meeting #318 -台中新世紀雙語國際演講會 NCBTC

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monicainNCBTC dianeinncbtc

paulineinncbtc jerryinncbtc

ireneinncbtc 台中新世紀雙語演講會1110合照 

Tonight we had a special guest Monica Yao from Beast Toastmaster Club. She demonstrated her humorous contest speech "A Happy Fox" to us. Also, our club treasure Diane Chen showed us her Chinese humorous contest speech "我的美麗人生". What's more, our former President and DTM Irene Tsai, who is our incumbent EVP, shared with us how did she make a high performance leadership path.

攝影 林先生

2014-10-27 Meeting #317 -台中新世紀雙語國際演講會 NCBTC

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20141027NCBTC中英文雙語演講會大合照 20141027NCBTC中英文雙語演講會獨照1

20141027NCBTC中英文雙語演講會獨照2 20141027NCBTC中英文雙語演講會獨照3

20141027NCBTC中英文雙語演講會小合照1 20141027NCBTC中英文雙語演講會獨照4

20141027NCBTC中英文雙語演講會獨照5 20141027NCBTC中英文雙語演講會獨照6


攝影 林先生

2014-10-13 Meeting #316 -台中新世紀雙語國際演講會 NCBTC

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台中新世紀雙語演講會20141013大合照 新世紀雙語演講會20141013C1首位講者MandyLiu

台中新世紀雙語演講會20141013第二位講者JennyLiu 台中新世紀雙語演講會20141013第三位講者PaulineSzu

We had three C1 speakers tonight!

Mandy, Jenny ,and Pauline started their CC program through their self-introduction that "broke" the ice of Toastmaster. All of them made remarkable speeches that we can't wait to see their C2 speech.

What's more, since 2014 Area I2 Humorous Speech is coming, the candidates from NCBTC made a rehearsal tonight. That also brought us a lot of fun.

Tonight's "Quotation of the Day", shared by Angela Liu, “Work for a cause, not for applause. Live life to express, not to impress. Don’t strive to make your presence noticed, just make your absence felt.”

photoed by 林先生

2014-09-22 Meeting #315 -台中新世紀雙語國際演講會 NCBTC

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台中新世紀演講會新會員與導師入會儀式合照 新世紀雙語演講會小合照

新世紀演講會Angela與Mandy小合照 台中新世紀雙語演講會Grace與Beryl小合照

中文幽默演講會內冠軍 台中新世紀雙語國際演講會英文幽默演講冠軍

It's a big night! 

We held in-club Chinese and English humorous speech contest tonight. The first place of Chinese part is 陳鳳眉, the second is 吳素芬. When it comes to English part, the champion is Dora Fang and second place is Ted Chang.  

What's more, we made new members induction ceremony to welcome our new members: Mandy Liu, Annie Su, Jolene Yang, Jenny Liu, and Kevin Lin. Welcome you all!!!

photoed by 林先生

2014-09-15 Meeting #314 -台中新世紀雙語國際演講會 NCBTC

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NCBTC20140915大合照 20140915講評比賽參賽者合照

20140915中文講評比賽中文被講評者 20140915englishevaluationtestspeaker

Today is our in-club evaluation contest. 

Being a bilingual club, we have English and Chinese evaluation contest in tonight's meeting. 

The first place of English evaluation contest is Barbara Wu, the second is Tim Ni, and the third is Ted Chung. 

In Chinese evaluation contest part, the champion is 許秀華, the 2nd and 3rd place is 吳素芬 and 倪翊庭.

Special thanks to English test speaker Beryl Chen and Chinese English test speaker 蔡世峰.

2014-08-25 Meeting #313 -台中新世紀雙語國際演講會 NCBTC

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台中新世紀雙語演講會0825合照 台中新世紀演講會 Hardstone And Grace

0825新世紀雙語演講會小合照1 0825新世紀雙語演講會小合照2

As an outstanding business consultant, our member Jones Sun shared with us how a helpful evaluator should be and several skills of making an unordinary evaluation. You can download the slides through the link:, he shared with us his story of being champion in 2007 Chinese Evaluation Contest in Asia area:

Here's tonight's Words/Quotation of the Day", shared by Beryl Chen:

The bee’s knee: Excellent (優秀的)

Bees carry pollen back to the hive on their legs. It alludes to the concentrated goodness to be found around a bee’s knee. The bee’s knee is an expression to say that something or someone is exceptionally good.
So next time when someone asks you, “How is NCBTC’s meeting?”
You could answer, “The meeting is the bee’s knees”.
The cream of the crop: Elite(精英)

Cream is the richest part of the milk and rises to the top. It alludes to the best part of something. And the crop means a group of people or things that have appeared together. So the cream of the crop means the best of the best. The phrase refers to the person who is at the top of his or her profession, class or art.
Let’s hear the example. Next month we are going to hold a meeting to select the cream of the crop for the humorous competition.
Big wig: VIP(重量級人物)

In the past, wigs were virtually obligatory for all European nobility and “persons of quality.” Now big wig is an expression to say someone who is important, like a president, VIP, a leader of a group and so on.
Next time when you introduce Grace to guests, you could say “Grace is a big wig of NCBTC.”

“Fortune does favor the bold and you’ll never know what you’re capable of if you don’t try.”  -Sheryl Sandberg


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