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2012-02-13 (Monday) Meeting # 254

張貼者:2012年2月25日 上午9:01NCBTC Toastmaster   [ 已更新 2017年7月30日 凌晨12:12 ]

2012-02-13 NCBTC Meeting

Dear All:

During this week after our next meeting, we not only saw the basketballs flying but also saw many mails flying on the internet from all between our members.   To check one club is good or bad is to see how many mails flying between each other.   This week shows that NCBTC is a perfect Toastmasters Club.   Thanks to all the mails writers, Robert, Joy, Barbara, Sunny, Jack, Daniel, Snow, Oscar, Grace, Ruth..................................  Your mails fulfill NCBTC's life.   Especially thanks to Jack who designed and maintain the website, I think members will be surprised by the pictures show up on the screen.

    Time is running fast, we just finished the Fall Conference and celebrated Jack's achivement with pizzas, pearl milk tea and red wine , but the Spring Conference will come soon on 4/21~22.   It looks 2 months after, but we should prepare it from now on.    We are not the host club, what should we need to prepare?

    First, the in-club contest will be held on 3/5, Chinese , and 3/12, English.   As a president, no matter how much presure I should bear, I need to say "yes" to Barbara.    So, please prepare thinking your project and contents from today.   Barbara is starting arranging the in-club contest agenda, I hope most of us can be one of the contestants.     Accept the contest is also a good opportunity to help everyone flying to a new height.      Don't be afraid, just go ahead.    And also, this team, NCBTC, will help you a lot.

Best Wishes 

Eric Hsieh

NCBTC Toastmaster,
2017年7月30日 凌晨12:12