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2012-04-09 Meeting #257 - NCBTC-11 years Birthday Party

張貼者:2012年4月18日 凌晨2:12NCBTC Toastmaster   [ 已更新 2017年7月30日 凌晨12:12 ]

Dear members, new friends & old friends,

NCBTC will celebrate our 11th Anniversary on 2012.04.09. We would like to celebrate this special day with you and would like you to join us on this day at Fulwon hotel meeting room 201 from 7:00pm.

We hope you can join us in our celebration and make it even more special for us.

Best regards,

Toastmaster of the day, Oscar Ge
Celebration master, Ruth Liu

2012年4月09日- NCBTC-11歲生日Party

NCBTC Toastmaster,
2017年7月30日 凌晨12:12
NCBTC Toastmaster,
2017年7月30日 凌晨12:12