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2012-07-23 Meeting #265

張貼者:2012年7月21日 晚上11:46NCBTC Toastmaster   [ 已更新 2017年7月30日 凌晨12:11 ]
Dear members, most welcome friends and distinguished guests of NCBTC,

On behalf of the club VPE, I am sending out the meeting agenda for July 23rd (the upcoming Monday).  As you can see from the attached agenda, we'll have guest speaker Jason Chen from CCTC (中科朝陽國際演講會), guest evalator/very experienced/senior/outstanding toastmasters friend, Estella Chen from Fluency, and to your surprise, we'll have an entertaining magic show from the president of CCTC in the meeting.

In addition, it is about the humorous speech contest season, so granny Grace (my humble self) is going to "Offer Ugly 獻醜" to refresh her experience in preparing her 驚世絕響的幽默演講 -- 安潔莉娜的奶奶, hope you'd find the sharing helpful for your preparation for the upcoming humorous speech contest.

Do come and we promise you a fun night.

Best Regards,
Grace Hsu / Co-VPE

Photos of 2012-07-23 NCBTC Meeting :

NCBTC Toastmaster,
2017年7月30日 凌晨12:11