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2012-08-13 Meeting #266

張貼者:2012年11月18日 凌晨1:37Jack Lin   [ NCBTC Toastmaster 已於 2017年7月30日 凌晨12:11 更新 ]


Dear members, most welcome guests and friends,


Please be advised about the minor agenda-changes of today's meeing.  We only have two speakers and the old friend of us, (DTM) William Lai from CCTC (中科朝陽) is invited to give us a CL manual introduction in the meeting in echoing to the New Members' aboarding of the club.  Don't miss the chance to learn from him and then become a better Toastmasters.


Long missing butterfly, Diane will be showing up to her charm and club VPE, Jack will be serving as the General Evaluator for the first time, please come to support these 一老一少


Please arrive the meeting room earlier and have fun.


Grace Hsu


NCBTC Toastmaster,
2017年7月30日 凌晨12:11