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2014-07-14 Meeting #310

張貼者:2014年7月15日 清晨7:02NCBTC Toastmaster   [ 已更新 2017年7月30日 凌晨12:10 ]

We had new member ceremony to welcome our new members on July 14th. Each of them has their own mentor. The mentors will share their Toastmaster experience and give the "apprentices" suggestions whenever they make every new step of Toastmaster program. 

The next meeting of NCBTC will be hold at Fu Wang Restaurant on July 28th. We will invite Josh Myers, who won the champion of District 67 speech contest this year. He will represent District 67 to join International Toastmaster speech contest in Malaysia. Except our special guest speaker, the next meeting will be in Chinese since we are  bilingual club.

Join us and have fun!

Words/Quotation of the Day 
                                                     - shared by Robert Lee

1. The early bird catches the worm.


2. You can't make on omelet without breaking a few eggs.


3. It's hard to fly like an eagle when you are surrounded by turkeys.