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Inaugural Speech - Create A New Era Basing On Our Past Glories 承先啟後 繼往開來

張貼者:2014年7月16日 清晨7:44NCBTC Toastmaster   [ 已更新 2017年7月30日 凌晨12:07 ]

If you want to learn more about Toastmasters, you have to serve as the club EVP; if you want to be advanced, you have to serve as the club president.  Dear fellow members, thank you for providing me this opportunity.


In the year 2001, when I was serving as Feng Yung Toastmasters Club president, I sponsored chartering New Century Bilingual Toastmasters Club and then, for the following years, I have enjoyed being one of the members of this happy family.  I turned down the opportunities to be the club president, just slept and dreamed that life was “Beauty”.  However, for some reasons, I suddenly awake and find life is “Duty”, it is the right time to do the right thing for the right club, so I stop the buck right here.


NCBTC is not perfect, but it is as good as it gets.  In the past 13 years, all the club presidents and officers were just like the corner stones, our culture the rock bottom, fellow members the sands and cement, our friendship and passions were just like the water, we mixed and glued together, we jointly constructed NCBTC this firm and shiny stage.  Most importantly, the past glories of the club are just like the spot lights, they made the stage shiny.  In the past, we are so proud as in Communication track, we have District and Pan Asia champions, while in Leadership track, we are the District governor’s home club.  (If these are not the club glories, then what else is the club glory?) 如果這不是我們的榮耀 那什麼才是榮耀?  Today, I am so lucky to be the 14th club president and be able to lead our members to learn, grow and have fun in the spot light of this stage.  Basing on these firm foundations, let us find more quality members, bring out the best in us, create more glories in the future


Most welcome guests, thank you for coming to this ceremony, thank you for supporting NCBTC all the way. Having your ongoing supports, now I am confident!  Fellow officers and members, thanks for your trusts in me.  “Toastmasters” is thing of TEAM work, without your support, I can’t accomplish anything.  Now I am ready to serve, are you ready to support? 承先啟後 繼往開來 Let’s work together in NCBTC’s spot lights create a new era from our past glories.

Grace Hsu

2014.06.23 NCBTC